One popular fiction running successfully in Vijay television is Chinnathambi. Chinnathambi is aired every Monday to Friday, 10 pm. Chinnathambi is a romantic family drama. The fiction is set against both rural and urban background.

Now, Chinnathambi character has become one among us, as the character portrays him as a brave, innocent village youngster with moral values. He obeys his mother very much and loves his family. To describe in one word, Chinnathambi is a boy of dreams for every girl. On the other side Nandhini is totally opposite in nature to Chinnathambi. She being a spoilt brat, brought in a rural background, but at the same time she has a good heart.

Coincidently, Chinnathambi and Nandhini’s first meet has led to a heated argument. Now, Destiny unites them both, as Chinnathambi comes to Chennai and fortunately meets Nandhini and ends up staying in her place. Nandhini hates chinnathambi, and considers this as a payback time. And never misses a chance to insult him. Meanwhile, Nandhini’s marriage preparation go in full swing, but destiny has got other plans. Will Nandhini’s marriage with gowtham happen? Wait and watch for the major turning point in their lives.

In this fiction, Kadhalikka neramillai fame Prajan is doing the male lead character as Chinnathambi. And Actress Pavani Reddy of Rettai val kuruvi fame is pairing up with Chinnathambi as Nandhini. This fiction is being directed by Arul Rasan. Musical score for this family drama is done by popular television music director Illayavan. And the Director of photography will be Ramesh. D.

So, don’t miss this week, chinnathambi is coming with new twists and turns!

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