Legendary actor Sathyaraj ‘ s daughter Divya is a well known Nutritionist in India.Divya had written a letter to the PMO a few years ago about the malpractices in medicine and the letter had gone viral. She had recently requested the minister of agriculture to aid in direct income support of the small farmers, thus compensating their substantial losses during the lockdown.Divya has started a movement called “Mahilmadhi”.

Talking about the movement Divya says “Malnutrition in India stems not just from a lack of food but a lack of nutritious food. Lack of sufficient nutrition in the early years of a child’s life cannot be compensated for later. Indian women too disproportionately suffer the ill effects of poor nutrition. Every second Indian woman suffers from anemia. At the same time, India wastes an obscene amount of food. For example it is estimated that 30% of the food served at lavish Indian weddings is wasted.

According to UNICEF India, the sad reality is that nearly 38% of Indian children are stunted. This means that owing to poor nutrition, they have not reached their potential height, nor been able to fulfill their cognitive potential. A further 21% have low weight for their height. Malnourished children have low levels of immunity and the ability of an unhealthy population to fight off the effects of deadly pandemics, such as Covid-19, is compromised. The human body’s ability to heal can only function when provided with good nutrition.

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