Dr Kamal Haasan Releases The posters of ‘Bayam Oru Payanam’

Bayam oru Payanam produced by S Durai and S. Shanmugam  for Octospider productions  is  sending chillness in the spine of the few audience who watched the film recently it is believed.




DSC_9002 (1)


Dr Bharath who had done a very significant role in ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’  is paired opposite Vishaka singh in this film which is declared as an out and out  horror film. Dr Kamal Haasan  ever obliging to the emerging talents in terms of encouragement and suggestions  went one step ahead in releasing the poster of ‘Bayam oru Payanam’  and spared few words of appreciation too.’

Dr Bharath a good friend of mine is a Doctor by profession and an actor by passion. He had worked with me in “Unnai pol oruvan ” and had done a commendable job too. I happened to see certain visuals of his next film  “Bayam oru payanam” in which he is playing the lead. It was impressive and i am sure his passion converted to energy will pay him dividends. I wish Dr Bharath  and his team the best of success for their film “Bayam oru Payanam”.

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