Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and sustainable living has launched Nu-Shakti, a new purpose-led consumer business designed to support better nutrition for India. Nu-Shakti offers arange of daily home fortifiers formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of urban and rural consumers who are in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

According to the recent National Family Health Survey, over half of all Indians, eat an unbalanced diet. The pattern of daily food consumption has remainedthe same since 2005 excepta decrease in the daily consumption of dark green, leafy vegetables among both women and men. The survey also reported that an unhealthy and imbalanced diet consisting of fried foods or sweetened beverages are major triggers for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity that are growing rapidly in India.

Marking the launch of Nu-Shakti in Tamil Nadu, Alok Kohli, Business Director, DSM India said, “Micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – form an essential part of a balanced diet. Over time, poor nutrition can negatively affect learning, development, productivity, physical and mental health, and family life. Nu-Shakti offers a range of locally relevant products by leveraging on DSM’s global innovation capabilities. We are confident that these products that are aspirational, accessible and affordable will become an intrinsic part of our daily diets.”

Based on the concept ofhome fortification, Nu-Shakti increases the micronutrient value of home cooked staple foods. This can help consumers achieve a healthier, more balanced diet without altering taste, appearance of the food or changing dietary habits. Nu-Shakti product range includes Powermix for Rice (Fortified Rice Kernels), Powermix for Atta (Fortified Atta/flour), MixMe (Fortified orange flavored beverage mix) and Vitamins & Mineral Mix (micronutrient sprinkler powder).

Endorsing the importance of a nutritious diet, Ramya Krishnan, a popular South Indian actor and brand advocate for Nu-Shakti said, “Power of nutrition is an intrinsic part of my food choice as I ensure that my family gets enough nourishment in their everyday food. However, it is unfortunate that many of us do not give enough importance to nutrition in our dietary habits. I am convinced with the purpose of Nu-Shakti and happy to be its advocate.”

Nu-Shakti products are available at select modern trade stores, kirana (retail) stores in Tamil Nadu. The products are introduced at an affordable price of Rs 2/ unit and Rs 5/unit.

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