For many, HUMOUR might be an easiest genre and safest bet as many would mark their verdicts upon it. But, least many do realize the depth of layers involved – Wit, Mirth and Laughter those signify the  cognitional, emotional and psychological aspects.
For more than a decade, Santhanam has been expanding his imperial power  as an ‘Emperor of Laughter’ by engaging us through his fantabulous humour. While his movies have been boasting of unlimited laughter, his arrival in the arena as a commercial Hero  is welcomed  with huge applause in the box office. The testimonial evidence to his growing popularity as a hero is the  recently released “Dhillukku dhuddu” that set the cash box ringing in all the centres. His  forthcoming films lined up are almost similar to his familiar terrain. Santhanam ever hungry to prove his mettle as a box office grosser is going for a combination that would possibily make him a complete all rounder.
The surprise news of his collaboration with filmmaker Selvaraghavan has sparked off an unconventional astonishment. The filmmaker far-famed for his emotional dramas is  teaming up with Santhanam for the first time. This combination  literally brings up many synonymous words like ‘Chalk and Cheese’ and ‘Apples and Oranges’.
“Selvaraghavan sir movies have always carried the essence of humour irrespective of genres they are based on,” says the elated Santhanam, who cites that the filmmaker might be perceived as a serious and emotional person, which is a myth.
“Selvaraghavan sir possesses a great sense of humour and you could find the traces of laughter that he blends in his movies.”
Of course, Selvaraghavan had got the humorous appeal spread in many movies and not to miss one of his magnum opuses in Telugu titled ‘Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule’, which was an out and out comedy caper with romance and emotions. The Tamil version ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ is ever carved in the hearts of the Tamil audience as  one of the best family entertainers of all seasons.
With such a combination of Santhanam and Selvaraghavan inking their pact, it’s evident that film buffs can definitely await an unique experience on big screens that will go a long way in improvising the commercial standards of Tamil films.

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